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June 4, 2012

A short film created by students that explores the psychology behind acceptance and belonging is expected to be released in November.

Through Alex, Darkly will be produced by a team of five film and television students at the Central Institute of Technology.

Producer Lisa-elle Bernard (pictured) said the 10 minute-long fictional film was for open-minded, individualistic young people that understood and embraced difference.

The film will be presented through the eyes of Alex, a young homosexual man struggling for acceptance from his conservative father.

“Alex is trying to find a life without his dad but he respects him so much that he is still latching on to the hope that his father will love him,” Ms Bernard said.

“It’s a psychological thriller, so it’s really beginning to tear Alex apart and he is beginning to find it difficult to function regularly.”

The team of five is not far from pre-production, having almost finished developing the script for seven weeks.

Director Cameron Hill said he hoped to enter the film into many events such as the annual Revelation Perth International Film Festival.

“There are a lot of small summer arts festivals, especially ones at the Urban Orchid in Northbridge so I’m going to try to put the film into that to try to get it seen by more people,” he said.

Shooting the film is expected to take five days for 10 hours a day.

“A really cool thing that we get to do with this is that the sound is done by our guys as well as the technical things like tweaking and then we send it off to the students at Leederville and they create us the soundtrack for the film,” Ms Bernard said.

The film will be shipped to Sydney for colour grading and then sent back to the students.

The film’s young producers expect it will be on the Central Institute of Technology Youtube page in November and available for download in December.

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