Drugs, weapons seized in Comanchero raid


A man with close links to the Comanchero motorcycle gang has been arrested after a raid on his house in suburban Madeley.

The 25-year-old man been charged with a string of offences, including possessing methamphetamine with the intent to sell or supply, and possessing firearms.

Police seized more than 100 grams of the drug and over $60,000 cash.

Also found in the raid were two pistols, a mobile phone converted into a Taser, pepper spray, a cattle prod, an extendable baton similar to those used by police, and ammunition.

“We are continuing to dismantle or disrupt their activities and it is a big bonus for the community of West (sic) Australia that these pistols have been taken off the streets,” Detective Superintendent Carver said.

The Comancheros have come under constant scrutiny from police since their inception in New South Wales in the late 1960s.

The gang has a history of violence, perhaps most notoriously at Sydney Airport in 2009 where up to 15 men were involved in a clash with rival gang the Hells Angels, leaving one man dead.

The Comancheros recently started to extend its influence into other states, often using their cover as bikies to supply drugs and weapons.

Detective Superintendent Carver said police were well aware of the Comancheros’ activities and would not be taking the group lightly.

“People in WA are paying two, three times the amount for drugs as any other state in Australia,” he said.

“The Comancheros are taking advantage of this and using their front to supply drugs at a premium price.

“These gangs are constantly trying to portray themselves as victims, as men who get together and just ride motorcycles. The reality is these men are criminals and are a legitimate threat to the state of Western Australia.”

The man is due to appear in court on August 31.

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