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“Singabloodypore” is not the best name to remember my hometown; but this is a ballsy blog that publishes a side to Singapore’s government that is not seen very often by the general public and almost never shown in controlled media.

What I like about this blog is that it not only challenges what local authorities have to say, but also foreign influential people. Rupert Murdoch’s view of Singapore as ‘”the most open and clear society in the world” is contradicted in the following post with a post on a 76-year-old writer, who has started a prison term for contempt for publishing a book denouncing judicial hangings.

There are a lot of hyperlinks to other news sites/blogs such as the BBC, which gives it credibility.

The layout is very clean and simple to use. The left side of the webpage is dedicated to similar blogs, a calendar and previous posts. The right side has a video collection of Singapore videos, previewed in thumbnail and followed by recent comments. The middle of the webpage is where the writing is done.

I think this blog is useful because it shares a perspective of the people of Singapore that is not normally seen in their media and shadowed in international news. This blog is one of the few I read because content and simplicity do the trick!

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