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Hi, my name is Stephanie Mcloughlin, you may remember me from such blogs as …

I love me a good blog. I couldn’t be asked to choose a favourite, like my mother says, “I love you all equally”. Instead, I’ll give a little bit of myself away by illustrating my favourite genre of blogs. Although the Curtin University Handbook doesn’t outline “a keen love of gossip” or “an eye for voyeurism” as pre-requisites for journalism students, I don’t doubt that a fair few of us already meet those credentials.

Because of this, my favourite blogs are of this very nature:

Letters of Note

Letters of Note adheres to the fashion industry’s current mantra, “Old is the new, new!”

Why read our own generation’s personal letters when you can read some “back and forths” between some of the world’s most famous old-timers?

The blog claims: “Letters of Note is an attempt to gather and sort fascinating letters, postcards, telegrams, faxes, and memos”. Gossip – check; voyeurism – check; bigups from the fashion world – check. I personally favour the letters by actors and writers: for example, a little diamond written by Hunter S. Thompson.


Lamebook, you beautiful, beautiful site you. Lamebook outlines the social networking atrocities spotted on popular networking site Facebook.

Lamebook allows Facebook users to send in awkward conversations, embarrassing photos and general mishaps on the networking site.

Popular categories being contributed include: family members commenting on embarrassing personal issues; messages which have been posted openly when intended for private messages; and general inclusions of TMI.

Lamebook is the basic example of social media allowing cretins who failed to pass their pen licenses to vocalise their every passing thought (usually equivalent to that of acid reflux). 

Wrong Number Texts

We’ve all texted a wrong number or received a text not intended for us. This blog celebrates these acts of social embarrassment and shares them with the internet community. Wrong Number Texts is genius.

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