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Model and designer Rumi Neely is the brawn and brains behind every fashionista’s blog of choice, Fashion Toast.

Styling and modelling her favourite outfits as well as providing readers with makeup tips and fashion predictions for the seasons to come, it’s clear Rumi has a spark for fashion. 

Her unique style and creative edge is the biggest drawcard for Fashion Toast, providing readers not only with stylish inspiration, but an extensive wish list that would make any credit card cry.

With designers such as Alexander Wang, Marc Jacobs and Chanel making regular appearances, this blog focuses primarily on providing readers with a closer look at dream designer pieces rather than a realistic shopping list.  

On an endless budget, this blog would be a great way to see upcoming trends and different ways of styling; but on a meagre student salary, it mostly acts as a way to make me angry at my rags and want to sell a kidney for the new Balenciaga boots

There is, however, the odd affordable outfit with brands such as Top Shop and One Teaspoon being scattered throughout, offering creative twists on wardrobe staples.

This ‘fashion diversity’ combats some of the snobbishness that could easily take over this blog and makes Fashion Toast a little more relevant and relatable to the everyday girl, preventing any black market organ trade.

The diverse and unique looks that Rumi creates while roaming around her native California provide inspiration and encourage creativity in dressing, leaving you wanting to dress to the nines for a simple food shop.

It would be easy to hate Rumi with her impeccable style and good looks, but she comes off as easygoing and down-to-earth throughout the blog, making it a daily read.

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