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The New York Times was founded in 1851 and has been the pride of New York ever since. Describing itself as “the finest news site in the world today” (watch the TV ad here), it has a rich tradition and reputation as a daily tabloid paper and today, as a prime source of online news.

I like The New York Times because of this rich tradition as one of the globe’s oldest publications. Its prestige and style reflects the attitude of the people in New York and I like the international perspective and flavour that the Times provides in its formatting and approach. According to articles, it receives more than 30 million unique visitors a month, which is impressive, given its controversy as one of the first publications to be placed behind a metered paywall and the decreasing circulation of newspapers as a result of the evolving nature of news consumption.

News nerd

I enjoy the NY Times not for the news, but for its columns and blogs. As an Australian consumer, I don’t find much of the news content very readable or enticing because it’s too far from the current Australian news agenda. Most of the time, the headlines are about American current affairs or internal politics, which I can’t genuinely relate too. I skim over the headlines and keep an eye on what is on their home page but never really read the news in depth.

Where the NY Times really shines

I have never seen a hard copy version, but I visit its online content every day, especially on my iPhone through the app. The app has a section called Most Emailed which is a list of the top stories, columns and blogs of the day. I like it because it’s free to access, gives a good insight into the American psyche, and the content is always interesting to read. This feature is also available on the webpage. It is a very useful tool because it actually shows what the paying readers of the content are clicking on the most and what’s trending in the United States.

It also has a great feature in TimesMachine, a computerised archive that lets readers download previous publications of the paper from any date, including the first edition of the NY Times.

The verdict

This is a great read because its online content is always interesting and written exceptionally well.

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