There’s No Place Like, No Place – a photo essay by Eliza Laschon

Dogs from the Shenton Park Animal Refuge Centre

So, the saying goes “Dog is a man’s best friend”.

Nothing is truer for my golden retriever, Mango and me.

She smiles and looks at me with those brown forgiving eyes and I’m home.

There is no better way to fill my heart with sadness than to visit these dogs that have for some reason ended up without a home.

I found myself looking into their eyes and wondering where they had come from and what they had seen.

I couldn’t help feel an overwhelming sense of guilt when I was taking these photographs.

I was just another unknown who was going to walk away.

I am part of the species that have been putting up barriers for centuries.

Since wartime concentration camps to detention centres that exist today.

We enclose and entrap and I can’t find the reason that makes any of that ok.

I think the worst part is they can’t express their anxiety and no one can tell them it’s all going to be ok.

We have to teach them that and finding them good homes is the first step in doing so.

The heartbreaking reality is, not all of these dogs will ever get the chance to be taught that lesson.

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