Cover Versions – a photo essay by Adrian Craddock

Unlike other forms of media, I consider it fair game to judge an album by its cover. The attitude, aesthetic and symbolism of album artwork is often an important preface to the music and artists they package.

Throughout this photo essay I have drawn inspiration from 10 iconic portrait album covers. My subjects are members of Perth’s underground music community. In “perth- ifying” the works I hope to encourage the onlooker to reconsider the meanings behind the artwork, the bands recreating them and the cultural identity of Perth. It should be noted the word “recreation” is used loosely. My commitment to physical reproduction is lax. Rather, the emphasis lies more in articulating a general essence. Even then, by adding a “Perth element” some meanings have changed completely.

As to preserve the sense of ambiguity and peculiarity that I find so appealing about cover artwork, I have used fragmented captions to frame my photos. My hope is for them to loosely guide the viewer’s interpretation of the photos without disallowing them to extract their own meaning.

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