More scoop, less poop

Some dog owners at Ernest Johnson Reserve in South Perth say they are fed up with lazy owners who don’t pick up after their pooch.

Debra Matthews walks her dog every day at the reserve, and took to the ‘The Como and Surrounds’ community Facebook page, calling for pet owners to start taking responsibility for their pet’s poop.

Debra Matthews a daily dog walker, left her plea on the Como and Surrounds community page on Facebook.

Ms Matthews says she fears losing the privilege to walk her dogs at the park after speaking with a ranger, and has taken matters into her own hands, often picking up faeces of other dogs.

“I pick up about 20 extra dog poos a day that don’t belong to the dogs that I’m walking,” she says.

Recently a 10-year-old Perth rugby player was at risk of a leg amputation due to particles of dog faeces ending up in a wound.

The boy grazed his knee whilst training in Cottesloe with his rugby team, which lead to him being hospitalised with a severe infection.

His father and the rugby club say he is well and recovering.

Dog faeces is not only a disturbance for other park visitors, but also a threat to people’s safety, according to Frank Liu-Fu, a doctor at Fairfield Hospital in New South Wales.

Dr Liu-Fu explains the dangers of animal faeces in wounds.

Ernest Johnson Reserve user Jessica Elsegood says the dog problem can even follow you home.

“Me and my daughter discovered we both had dog poo on our shoes when we got home” she says.

Ernest Johnson Reserve dog owners react to people who don’t pick up after their dogs. Video: Jess Antoniou.

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