Fraudsters exploit Coldplay fans

Warnings have been issued after dozens of people have been caught up in a ticket scam.

Tickets for the Coldplay’s Perth show went on sale through Ticketmaster earlier this week, with thousands of people queuing up for a ticket.

The English pop band is set to perform at Optus Stadium in November.

As tickets quickly sold out, many Coldplay fans are purchasing tickets from other platforms.

However, the Western Australian government is urging Coldplay fans to be cautious of ticket scammers.

Music fan around the country have been trying to purchase Coldplay tickets. Photo: Omasilam Ofuru.

Consumer Protection WA says it’s currently monitoring Coldplay ticket sales to ensure fans do not purchase tickets at a higher price.

CPWA’s acting senior investigating officer Carl Smith says people run into issue purchasing tickets on unauthorised ticket platforms and websites like Gumtree and Facebook marketplace.

“Those who turn to these websites are at a high risk of being scammed,” he says.

He urges consumers to be very careful and ensure they only purchase tickets from authorised platforms.

Many social media platforms advertise ticket sales. Photo: Omasilam Ofuru.

Perth resident Sabrina Ives says she was scammed after trying to purchase a Coldplay ticket on Facebook.

“I wanted to get a ticket for myself and my friend,” she says.

Ms Ives says she paid $300 for two tickets after spotting a post on Facebook advertising Coldplay tickets.

“Unfortunately, I had paid for the tickets … it was a scam,” she says.

Mr Smith advises those who have purchased illegitimate tickets or have fallen victim to scams to contact the individuals and request a refund.

The Western Australian government warns anyone found guilty of ticket scams or selling tickets for a higher price will be issued an infringement notice.

Fines range from $2,000 infringement notices to $20,000 for individuals or companies.

Ms Ives has warned people to be careful when purchasing a ticket.

“Scammers are out there and everyone looking to purchase a ticket should be very careful,” she says.

To avoid getting scammed fans are encouraged to only purchase tickets through Ticketmaster.

Hear more from CPWA’S Acting senior officer, Carl Smith. Photo: Unsplash.