Prime drink sparks frenzy

Since the first appearance in Woolworths supermarkets, PRIME energy drinks have created a frenzy in Perth.

The drink, founded by WWE wrestler Logan Paul and UK rapper KSI, is now sold out in most of the city’s supermarkets.

Prime energy drinks have been stripped from supermarket shelves. Photo: Carolyn Tan.

Supermarkets say they don’t know when the drink will be back in stock.

Perth-based father Chris Berges visited Carousel Woolworths with his two kids, Lachie and Cobe, to try find the popular energy drink.

Lachie and Cobe were disappointed the drink was unavailable. Photo: Carolyn Tan.

“It’s like chugging perfume,” Cobe says, when asked about what the drink tastes like.

The children say there is only one reason why they want to purchase the drink, despite its bad taste.

“Because it’s Logan Paul and KSI!”

Mike Drysdale, creative strategist at Lush the Content Agency, says there’s some clever marketing behind the drink.

“It’s a really specific, influencer-led marketing strategy in launching a product targeting a very specific demographic.”

“Looking at KSI and Logan Paul’s fanbase, they’ll go on to think that this is the people we influence? What could we potentially fulfil a need in their lives around?”

Logan Paul and KSI recently visited Perth, just a month before the drink was released in WA.

“We’re talking about a drink that’s been so popular it’s developed somewhat of a black market, where people are sort of reselling the drink,” says Mr Drysdale.

However, it’s not clear how safe the drink is.

According to Prime, the energy drinks holds 200mg of caffeine per can, sparking concerns from parents.

Mr Drysdale says Logan Paul and KSI haven’t addressed those concerns.

“I haven’t seen them respond to allegations whether it’s wrong to be marketing this at children,” he says.

“It doesn’t feel as though there’s any intention from the influencers to curtail the fire they’ve started.”