Indigenous tourism summit showcases culture

The World Indigenous Tourism Summit kicked off in Perth for the first time bringing together industry leaders and experts from around the world.

The summit is focused on the exhibition of culture through arts, languages, dance groups, fashion, and storytelling.

Carol Martin, who was the first indigenous woman to be elected to a state parliament in 2001, displayed an art stall at the event.

Ms Martin says the summit brings together people of different cultures.

“This is my second time here at the summit and I hope to share my stories and arts with people from different parts of the world,” she says.

Ms Martin believes it is important for people to know about the origin of the Indigenous Australians and what they represent.

Former member of WA parliament, Carol Martin, showcased her art at the summit. Photo: Omasilam Ofuru.

The summit was organised by the World Indigenous Tourism Alliance and the Western Australian Indigenous Tourism Operators Council.

The summit encourages the sharing of culture, stories, local indigenous businesses, and artwork.  

Lorraine Woods, who is an Indigenous artist from the Bibbulum nation, believes the summit can merge an important gap between businesses and Indigenous groups.

“I believe that having a World Indigenous Summit like today will help a lot in the growth of local Indigenous businesses because it shows that the businesses can offer the world a unique gift which is our art and storylines,” she says.

“[They] also have the opportunity to partner with other indigenous people around the world and this will be a long positive outcome on the indigenous business.”

Ms Woods says she is happy to explain the importance of iIndigenous cultural identity and help people understand Indigenous stories through her artworks.

Lorraine Woods says the summit is a way to unite different cultures. Photo: Omasilam Ofuru.

The summit runs until Thursday, March 16.