All bets car off in South Perth

Some South Perth residents believe they are under attack with their car windows smashed and valuables stolen as the area is hit by a spate of vehicle break-ins.

In recent weeks there has been an increase in the number of car-related incidents as South Perth and Como community social media groups are flooded with photos of shattered windows and empty cars.

However, one resident says this is nothing out of the ordinary.

Lachlan Hirsch says his neighbours and other residents along his street are constantly having their cars broken into.

“Living in South Perth for five to six years now, we’ve had lots of break-ins with our cars parked out on the verge,” he says.

Lachlan’s family has suffered two separate break-in attempts in the last week.

“We must take all our valuables out of the car and keep them in a safe space.”

He challenged the perception that South Perth is known as a very safe suburb. The numerous attempts on cars, bikes and fences have caused him to re-evaluate how safe the area is.

According to a Budget Direct survey 14.4 per cent of people in Western Australia know someone who has had an attempted break-in on their car.

South Perth Council is leading an anti-theft campaign. Photo: Noah Landau.

To combat the rapid rise of car crimes, South Perth council has started a campaign to stop the break-ins.

It is handing out free, anti-theft, number plate screws as well as car window stickers which state that the person has no valuables in their car.  

These items can be collected at any time from the South Perth Civic centre on the corner of Sandgate Street and South Terrace.

“It is a good start and good initiative in that they are at least acknowledging that there is a problem,” says Lachlan Hirsch.

However, he feels as though there are more effective ways to spread the message and stop theft and break-ins throughout South Perth.

Other residents around the area have also expressed their angst towards the car thieves going around.

Long-time South Perth local Karen Rundle has also been impacted by the rise in break-ins.

Recently, her car windows were smashed overnight. Her neighbours have had their locks picked and valuables stolen.

“There should be more awareness spread about the issue as people are running up and down streets and causing lots of damage,” she says.

One of the car window stickers being distributed by South Perth council. Photo: Noah Landau.

“It is unusual in a suburb like South Perth for this to be a major issue and has scared many people in the area.”

According to the 2011 census, only 2.8 people in every 100 South Perth residents were impacted by car troubles, and this was below the average of 3.2 in 100 around Western Australia.

This number has recently risen, as multiple people per day are reporting car theft issues to community groups.

“It is a simple and easy way to say to those people that there is nothing to steal,” says Karen Rundle.

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