Riding dirty crackdown

Dirt bike riders are becoming an increasing problem in Canning Vale. Photo: Paige Reid.

Canning Vale residents say more needs to be done to crackdown on unregistered dirt bikes, which are hooning around local streets.

A number local residents have taken to social media, saying police aren’t doing enough.

Canning Vale local Andrew Fenwick says unless authorities take action, someone will get hurt.

“Canning Vale’s not just a young person’s area. There are a lot of old people walking their dogs. Someone will get hurt badly one day,” Mr Fenwick says.

Listen to more from Andrew Ferwick.

The 44-year-old also says while the dirt bikes are a big problem, police are limited in what they can do as many bikes are unregistered and don’t have number plates – making them difficult to rack down.

Dirt biking is a popular hobby in Perth. Photo: Paige Reid.

WA Police say they are aware hoon dirt bike behaviour is a problem – not just in Canning Vale – but across the state.

To tackle that, police have launched Operation Education, which is designed to take unregistered off-road motorbikes off the road.

WA Police say four young men were recently seen in Ravenswood, south of Rockingham, stealing four bikes.

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact Crime Stoppers.

CCTV footage of the dirt bikes being stolen. Source: WA Police.

Residents are not the only ones concerned about illegal off-road motorbikes. Shop owners are also aware of the situation.

Graham Markham and his family have been selling dirt bikes for 25 years.

He says it’s important to remember many riders are doing the right thing.

The 75-year-old says he has noticed a lot of young people purchasing unregistered bikes with cash.

“I am amazed that sometimes they are very young and have a lot of money in their pockets,” he says.

Graham Markham says most bike riders do the right thing. Video: Paige Reid.

Mr Markham says young riders are struggling to find trails as many have been closed over the years. He says unless something is done about the issue, it will only get worse.

“The government’s got to do more to give more riding areas.”

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