Dam those water levels

Despite above average rain levels in Perth, dam levels in Western Australia’s South West are lower than usual.

According to the Water Corporation, total dam capacity stands at 69.2 per cent in the South West, down from 70.8 per cent in 2021.

Duty Forecaster at the Bureau of Meteorology Jessica Lingard says Perth has experienced above average rainfall over the winter period.

“For the Perth metro area, we’ve seen 167mm of rainfall so far for the month, the average is 122mm.”

“Coupled with an above average July as well, we are looking on track hopefully to beat our winter average.”

The Water Corporation reports dam capacity in the Perth Metro area up by 2 per cent.

Ms Lingard says cold fronts were the main reason behind significant rainfall in the Perth’s metropolitan area.

“Earlier in the month we had a series of three cold fronts moving through in quick succession and then more recently we had a cloud band and another cold front.”

With winter coming to an end, Ms Lingard predicts a change in the weather cycle.

“We will start to see temperatures increasing, but unfortunately it does mean that it is going to be a bit of a dry period.”

Hear more from Western Australian Meteorologist Jessica Lingard.

WAFarmers CEO Trevor Whittington says the lack of rainfall in parts of the state could lead to water restrictions.

WAFarmers is the peak lobby group for WA’s agriculture sector. Photo: Eden Mesfin
Listen to more from Trevor Whittington.

Mr Whittington says although rainfall in the South West has been reasonably steady this winter, not enough water is flowing back into creeks.

Mr Whittington says the lack of flowing water effectively kills off wildlife.

“It’s impacts on the creeks, there’s not enough water flowing, the creeks get more and more saline, and it kills off the freshwater fish and marron.”

Ms Lingard is predicting further rainfall over the rest of the winter period, which may improve dam levels.

“There’s still a couple of weeks left of winter so hopefully we will see some rainfall coming through.”

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