Working nine to skive

Tash Newton and Theodora Rohl discuss work-life balance. Video: Huia Karaitiana.

Local businesses say they’re struggling to find staff amid Australia’s lowest unemployment rate in almost 50 years.

Tash Newton is the store supervisor for Sleep Studio in Midland, and says she’s found it difficult to find young workers in particular.

“I think people especially with anxiety and things now worry about having to talk to people or the general public but it can be really rewarding as well,” she says.


Tash Newton, Sleep Studio supervisor. Photo: Huia Karaitiana.

Ms Newton says the real problem is simply many people just don’t want to work.

“Across five locations we have been looking for a couple of months and with very few applicants.

“We have actually been struggling with getting people to come in.”      

According to the Curtin Guild the lack of young people applying for jobs could be due to the fact COVID-19 created a toxic and stressful work environment.

Theodora Rohl, Curtin Student Guild secretary. Photo: Curtin Guild. 

Curtin Guild secretary Theodora Rohl says the last three years have seen a lot of upheaval.

“The pandemic completely turned everything we have ever known completely upside down,” she says.

”It was a bit of a reality check and because of those cuts made in 2020 and the working conditions of that work place, it just becomes so stressful and toxic that just no amount of money can make you want to work; It’s just no way to live your life.”

Sleep Studio. Photo: Huia Karaitiana.

Ms Rohl says people are more conscious of how they are spending their time, and lifestyle and work changes are inevitable.

Tash Newton doesn’t think pay is the issue.

“I’m probably in one of the better industries for pay so we are not on bare minimum wage which is nice.”

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