Election 2022

An appeal to Canberra: listen to us

Nine days out from the federal election, many young voters seem angry Canberra is not listening to their concerns.

Western Independent held an unofficial survey on Curtin’s Bentley campus and asked participants: “If you could say anything to an Australian politician right now, what would you say?”

Many of them had a lot to discuss.

Voters at Curtin has plenty of questions for the leaders of the major parties.

Participants addressed a range of complaints and comments to politicians including Prime Minister Scott Morrison, Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese and others such as Clive Palmer.

Students had fiery questions and passionate concerns, focusing on fuel prices, cost of living and climate change.

With the election a little more than a week away, voter passions are running high. Video: Amy Figueiredo and Lauren Cherry.

“My message to the government is there are so many problems [plaguing] our general lives to do with housing prices and fuel prices, and climate change as a whole. What are you doing to help?” asks student Connor Bruzzese.

“My message to ScoMo is why don’t you care about the future of Australia?” asks Alyssa Unwin.

Alyssa Unwin is asking the Prime Minister about his leadership. Photo: Amy Figueiredo.

Although one participant wanted to ask politicians why young people were so uninformed, several others couldn’t name the Labor Party’s current leader.

Some who did know Mr Albanese questioned his competence following campaign stumbles.

“I’d like to know what your policies are, but I’m sure you would too,” says student Harry Gerreyn.

Mr Gerreyn questions Mr Albanese’s competency. Photo: Amy Figueiredo.

These messages were delivered with passion and anger and seem to embody the true concerns of many younger voters.

Students are inviting politicians to have a serious think about their approach to the election and to take young voices into account.

The results of concerned students in our unofficial survey. Infographic: Lauren Cherry.