Scooter safety scare

Concern over e-scooter safety is growing after a second major accident on Perth streets in as many days.

A teenager riding an e-scooter collided with a car this morning in Guildford and was taken to hospital, one day after a 46-year-old father of three died after hitting a cyclist at 2.30 on Wednesday morning in Thornlie.

The incident yesterday was the second e-scooter rider related death this year after a 13-year-old Perth boy was fatally hit in February.

E-scooter rider on Scarborough Beach
Scooters are common on Scarborough’s pathways. Photo: William Hagan.

The latest incidents occurred despite the introduction of e-ridable regulations in December including laws limiting riders to 10 kmh on footpaths, 25kmh on cycle paths and residential streets and a minimum rider age of 16 for riders travelling at night.

The number of incidents has risen as the popularity of e-scooters has increased.

The Royal Perth Hospital Trauma Registry reported 32 admissions for e-scooter related injuries in 2021.

Road Safety Commissioner Adrian Warner says that e-riders always carry a risk even when all safety precautions are taken.

“E-riders are vulnerable and the consequences of a crash can be devastating as we have seen.

“I would like to remind riders to stay off high speed roads, always be visible, and to wear a helmet.”

Although the laws have good intentions for e-riders, some riders believe they do not ensure the safety of all parties involved.

E-scooter rider Mark Murray, from North Beach, says the presence of e-scooters on footpaths can create danger for pedestrians.

“If we were allowed to go faster on roads, riding would be safer for us and footpaths would get safer.”

He also supports harsher punishments for those that break the laws.

“If I got a fine for riding illegally, I would happily pay it. The scooters are great if you use them responsibly,” he says.

Mr Warner says all sides should agree that safety and awareness are the top priority to prevent more accidents from happening.

“These deaths are a tragic reminder that all Western Australian need to be mindful of people on e-ridables, both on the road and on paths.”

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