Cheap eats for pizza lovers

Whether you’re Italian or not, pizzas are a great choice for those looking for rich and savoury goodness at a low cost. We’ve taste-tested a few pizza places around Perth to help with your next selection.

Costo enormous pizza, review by Rebeka Petroska

CC-BY Rebeka Petroska
The supreme pizza is lathered in a selection of lightly roasted toppings. Photo: Rebeka Petroska

Costco, on Dunreath Drive near the airport, seems to be great at selling enormous bulk items at a great price and its pizza is no different.

Its food court is every inner child’s dream. If you’re a visual learner, this one is for you: Giant pictures of each item and its price tag are displayed above the counter.

If you’ve ever ordered at the Costco food court, you’ll know that you’ll be getting a bang for your buck. We’re talking freshly baked eighteen inches for only $15.99 or one mega slice for $2.99.

The queue is not so amusing, however. If you go during lunchtime you may have to wait, but it moves quickly since the service time is rapid.

You might want to grab your item’s takeaway since the food court looks like a dreary empty warehouse with tables. Then again, you can’t expect a fine dining environment at an economical price.  

The pizza flavour selection varies but, you can’t go wrong with a classic supreme. It appears simple, but Costco is far from penny-pinching when it comes to toppings. The pizza had a thick doughy crust. It was lathered in green bell peppers, pepperoni, sausage, red onion, mushroom, and black olives, the dish had a perfectly balanced cheese-to-toppings ratio. The soft dough and combination of fresh toppings complemented each other perfectly, tied together by a succulent tomato base. The smell was irresistible.

I just could not believe how big the slices were. It was much heavier than any pizza I have had, I had to ask the staff for a knife to dissect my piece. This pizza was large enough to feed an entire family and still have leftovers.

Also do not be deceived by the rapid service, one great thing about these pizzas is they don’t seem to taste reheated or premade like other fast food. If you’re looking for unbelievable cheap and filling food, look no further than Costco.

Chelsea super-thin crust pizza, review by Mya Kordic

CC-BY Mya Kordic
Three selections of savory pizza at Chelsea Pizza Co. Photo: Mya Kordic

If you’re looking for restaurant quality pizza at a reasonable price, you can reward yourself with a slice from Chelsea’s Pizza Co, on Stirling Highway in Nedlands. 

Chelsea’s dine-in environment is very homely, full of families, wooden furnishings and enveloped by the scent of fresh dough and the gentle heat of pizza ovens. 

The dine-in menu offers an extensive range of dishes from burgers to pasta, with one whole side dedicated to 38 pizza flavours. 

My friend and I chose three small pizzas, as we were interested to see if this size would gratify our Sunday evening craving, priced at $21.50 for traditional pizzas and $22.50 for gourmet. 

When our pizza arrived, it was served on small wooden boards which I thought was really practical and a different way to present the meal. 

I find most restaurant’s traditional pizza trays you are served are far too hot to touch when sharing your pizza, the beauty of these wooden discs is their movability, as they didn’t retain too much heat. 

The first pizza I sampled was the “Quattro Formaggi”, meaning four cheese and was by far my favourite slice of the evening. 

The base consisted of feta, parmesan, goat’s cheese as well as the restaurant’s in-house “Chelsea Pizza Cheese”. 

The goat’s cheese was definitely the star of the pizza. I enjoyed the sharpness and edge it brought to balance the creaminess offered by other cheeses. 

We then sampled the traditional Margherita, my all-time favourite pizza, to see how Chelsea would take on this classic. 

The tomato base was delicious and there was a generous amount of cheese laden atop this pizza with the basil as promised, adding a much-needed sprig of freshness. 

If you’re a vegetarian, Chelsea offers a range of vegetable-based pizza combinations that I couldn’t resist trying. 

We chose the “Gourmet Veg”, which presented roasted red capsicum, mushroom, eggplant, zucchini, garlic and basil on a traditional base. 

This was probably my least favourite of the trio, as I’m not usually one to go for the vego option on a menu, however, I really enjoyed the dominance of mushroom in the topping, something I don’t typically see in a pizza. 

All the pizza’s arrived at our table in efficient fashion, despite the restaurant area bustling with large groups and many takeaways being collected. 

What I loved the most about these pizzas, was their thin, crunchy base. 

My friend and I both detest heavy pizza bases, so we were excited to tuck into thin bases that allowed the flavours and toppings to really shine. 

For all the dessert lovers out there, Chelsea offers five different sweet pizza options to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

CC-BY Mya Kordic
The restaurant also offers a large selection of dessert options. Photo: Mya Kordic

I chose the mixed berry dessert pizza, served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, which I thoroughly enjoyed. 

The base was thin, just like the savoury pizzas I had devoured, except this time it was smothered in a Nutella base and topped with mixed fruits like strawberries and blueberries. 

The scoop of ice cream was the perfect juxtaposition to the warm, sticky pizza base and complemented the entire dessert. 

I am not usually one to enjoy Nutella, however this dessert surprised me with how delicious it can be, spread on a pizza base for just $10.90. 

We left Chelsea Pizza feeling happy and full. Despite the pizza we ordered being their smallest size, they were very filling. 

Alfred’s groovy pizza hangout, reviewed by Marika Sequeira

CC-BY Marika
Alfred’s Pizza. Photo: Marika Sequeira

Alfred’s Pizzeria is an underground bar in Northbridge. It is the place to visit with your friends after a big week, if you like good music and pizzas.

Although the price may be a bit steep – the most expensive pizza costs $27 – the experience and the pizza are unique and interesting.

Alfred’s Pizza is open 3pm to midnight Sundays to Thursdays, and noon to midnight on Fridays and Saturdays. I recommend going in the evening, around 6 pm as the bar tends to get livelier and normally in the afternoon the crowd and the music tend to be slower.

They have a variety of pizzas from vegan to meat lovers. The sauce is sweet and delectable, and you get an option of rich red sauce or white sauce, depending on the pizza you order. The cheese is fresh and adds richness to the taste of the pizza. The crust is a traditional thin variety. 

Ciao Italia Pizza for riverside sunsets, reviewed by Eden Mesfin

CC-BY: Eden Mesfin
 Ciao Italia pizza in South Perth. Photo: Eden Mesfin

Located just one minute from the South Perth Foreshore, Ciao can provide takeaway pizzas to enjoy while taking in the sunset by the riverside. 

Their $19.50 margherita pizza combines the simplest ingredients to make up the most flavourful goodness, you can literally feel the flavours dancing in your mouth. 

The serving size is perfect for sharing among friends or family, I can’t finish the entire thing! However, there’s nothing better than having leftovers. This pizza is perfectly paired with white wine. This combination will have you wanting to fly to Italy ASAP and try every dish possible. 

The staff at Ciao Italia are extremely welcoming; the environment is family-friendly. With a diverse menu, individuals have many options to pick from – with over nine different pasta types and fifteen different pizzas – the only difficulty customers will come across is not being able to select a dish across the many options offered. 

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