A Wiggly tour

Lights, camera, mashed potato!

The original Wiggles are set to play in Perth this weekend with shows for those 15 and above, bringing back the nostalgia many of us crave.

The concert will be held this Saturday April 9 at RAC Arena featuring Greg Page, Anthony Field, Murray Cook and Jeff Fatt alongside characters such as Dorothy the dinosaur.

The show is said to be full of classic songs and a “night for the grown-ups which is a chance to bring back some of that genuine, high-spirited liveliness again” says purple Wiggle Jeff Fatt in a statement on The Wiggles website.

Many are looking forward to this concert. Photo: Emma Sabatini.

Earlier this year, The Wiggles won Triple J’s Hottest 100 with their cover of Tame Impala’s “Elephant” gaining 4.2 million views on YouTube.

As the production contained a mix of original and new cast members, this sparked renewed interest with the original band selling out adult only shows in September of 2021.

RAC Arena marketing manager Marika Bailey says there are still tickets available for those interested in either show and the demand has been positive as expected.

“There’s minimal seats left for the adults’ show as it has surprisingly been the more popular pick,” she says.

Many have loved the Wiggles from a very young age. Photo: Lauren Cherry.

The band’s new ReWiggled album, released March 11, charted number one on the ARIA Albums Chart.

The album features songs from other popular Australian bands such as The Chats, Stella Donnelly, San Cisco and more.

“The continuous amount of success has been overwhelming to the band and we hope to continue for years to come,” says blue Wiggle Anthony Field.

Tiffany Fung, 20 of Willetton, says she grew up watching shows such as The Wiggles and was the first concert her parents took her to.

“I’m a very nostalgic person so anything that brings me that sense is an immediate yes.

“I’m looking forward to see how much they’ve grown and changed but also to see them sing all of their classic that we all grew up listening to,” she says.

For younger fans, two separate shows will be held at 10am and 1pm on April 9 and 10 under the name “Fruit Salad TV Big Show” with new Wiggles, Tsehay, Lachie, Simon and more.

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