City West’s dome gets a makeover

The iconic City West dome has been removed as part of a refurbishment to bring more lights and spectacle to Perth’s skyline.

Last night the dome was removed due to age and deterioration with the lights of the dome having been out of action for almost three years due to structural and electrical issues.

Scitech communications manager Deanna Watson says the revamp will remind people of the lights which once lit up City West.

The dome in the past has been synonymous with Scitech and is the symbol of City West having been up since the late 1980s.

The new structure ensures it will remain this way for many years to come.

The original and new dome will be the same size with a 20-metre diameter and a height of 10-metres but the new dome will be structurally stronger and have improved lighting.

The removal project has taken 18 months to prepare and took 12 hours to accomplish, finishing at midnight last night.

Project manager and carpenter at Precise Building Solutions Anton Uhrbom says the new dome will be assembled in the carpark where the original currently sits.

“The old one is in the carpark now which we are dismantling, so the new one obviously has to come over and be put together.

“So I assume it’ll get put together in the carpark and cleaned up.”

The old dome sits in the Scitech carpark as it gets dismantled. Photo: Elliahn Blenkinsop.

Deanna Watson from Scitech says City West’s new dome is expected to take four to six weeks to be put in and the lights turned on.

“At this point it looks like the new dome installation will be Friday April 29 and the new dome lights will be switched on at 7pm.”

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