Restrictions lead to “scaled down” ANZAC day

ANZAC day in Perth is likely to become a “commemorate from home” event once again with services and parades on the line due to level two restrictions.

Western Australian Premier Mark McGowan announced in late February new limitations with borders opening which will most likely change the way we celebrate April 25. 

This will be the third year in a row where ANZAC Day in Perth has not been celebrated as usual, with crowd numbers dropping and heavy social distancing required.

West Australians may be forced to commemorate ANZAC Day from home for the third year in a row.
Photo: Lauren Cherry.

Returned Services League of Western Australia chief executive John McCourt says while there are still set plans for the services, these could change due to the public health advice.

“We’re planning for a normal ANZAC Day except for the dawn service, which will be ticketed, but we’ve arranged a live broadcast so people can listen to it at home.”

Mr McCourt also says the parade in the CBD will be cancelled if case numbers continue to rise, leaving many faced with a morning dawn service on their driveway to commemorate.

A discharge certificate from a WWII veteran. Photo:Supplied.

“We’re strongly promoting services outside of people’s homes at the end of your driveway, on your own balcony or at the end of the farm gate,” he says.

The safety of both veterans and the general public has become the RSL’s number one priority as the virus spreads throughout the community.

McCourt says he understands people’s disappointment but the only “baddie” here is COVID.

Vietnam war veteran and former RSLWA president Graham Edwards says the veteran community will be disappointed for the changed plans because they like to march in memory of their fellow soldiers.

“I think it’s a special yet sad day of remembrance where many veterans get together to remember their friends and to renew that spirit of mateship.

West Australians are wanting to remember ANZAC Day more than ever this year. Photo: Supplied.

“Those who served and died are certainly not forgotten by our nation and I think that’s a great thing as we’re all acknowledging ANZAC day in a different way than ever before.”

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