Generation transformation

In a time of unprecedented change, generations across the world are being forced to transform their lifestyles, worldviews, and expectations.

The COVID-19 pandemic is evoking change as everyone adapts to these new circumstances and we are beginning to see what this might mean for the future.

In this podcast series Eliza McEwen explores what this looks like for Generation Alpha, Generation Z, and the Baby Boomers.

Photoshopped graphic representing transformation of thought. Featuring a Baby Boomer woman and Gen Zed woman either side of an animated human head surrounded by computer, travel and desk work logos.
Sue Bennett-Ng (left) and Bianca Dullens (right) both say COVID-19 has prevented them from living their lives as normal. Graphic: Eliza McEwen.

Episode 1 – Generation Alpha: taught through technology

Prior to the pandemic, technology was already establishing itself within the classroom but imminent school lockdowns and closed borders have rapidly accelerated this.

In this episode, a range of experts and teachers discuss what this integration looks like and what it means for the future of Generation Alpha’s education experience.

Episode 2 – Generation Z: stress or strength?

Having never before experienced an event of this magnitude, many members of generation Z are dealing with mental health struggles. But is there a silver lining?

Eliza McEwen speaks to a range of experts and young people to learn whether the pandemic is providing an opportunity for this generation to build resilience.

Infographic shows Gen Z Adults have significantly higher stress level than other adults.
Gen Z has been dubbed the most stressed generation. Graphic: American Psychological Association.

Episode 3 – Baby Boomers: rethinking retirement

Although most baby boomers feel minimally impacted by the pandemic they are still having to transform the way they live out their retirement.

This episode covers the way COVID-19 is making baby boomers rethink the way they travel, socially connect and age. Experts and retirees share their perspectives and offer us a glimpse into the post-pandemic future.

Research referenced throughout series: Growing Up Digital, The Smith Family Survey, Stress in America 2020, Understanding the Impact of COVID-19 on the Emerging Generations, RSL LifeCare Baby Boomer Survey.