Flower power

Araluen Botanic Park’s 2021 Tulip Festival is celebrating the warming weather with more than 150,000 tulips and 36,000 Spring blooms.

Armadale mayor Ruth Butterfield is excited for the festival to bring attendees from all over Western Australia.

“It’s fabulous to have seen people from all over the state come to the City of Armadale and spend the day exploring,” Ms Butterfield says.

With most of Australia struggling with COVID-19 lockdowns, Ms Butterfield is not taking the Tulip Festival for granted.

“I think that a lot of people are realising what a beautiful place they live in,” she says.

“They are very lucky to be able to get out and spend some time in nature and really immerse themselves in where they live.”

With a projected attendance of 70,000 people, Araluen Botanic Park’s general manager Suzy Parravicini knows the festival can have a great impact on the City of Armadale.

“As the major tourist attraction in the Perth Hills, we drive economic advantage for the Armadale region,” she says.

“The revenue raised and injected as a direct result of the festival is a positive for the local economy.”

Ms Butterfield hopes the event will help to boost perceptions of the city.

“I think it changes the perception of Armadale and the suburbs within the city.

“It makes the locals feel proud to be here, and to show off why it is such a special place to live,” Ms Butterfield says.

Visitors love the nature Armadale has to offer. Video: Cate Graham.

Ms Parravicini hopes high attendances this year will help with The Araluen Botanic Park Foundation, an incorporated non profit charity that relies on the festival financially.

“Araluen has held a special place in the memory of West Australians for more than 90 years. The foundation is maintaining the Park and its heritage to a professional standard for all future West Australians,” Ms Parravicini says.

The Tulip Festival is held at Araluen Botanic Park and will run from August 16 to October 3.

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