His Majesty’s historical revamp

His Majesty’s Theatre, home of Perth’s performing arts, is being redeveloped to revitalise the world class venue and highlight its historical significance..

This project is set to be a part of the $15 million initiative in the McGowan government’s WA Recovery Plan.

The new project is set to include upgrades to original balconies and verandahs, creating 110 jobs.

The theatre’s balconies were removed in 1953 and the state government is in the process of seeking historical information from the public to inform the work.

Underneath the arches: the front of His Majesty’s Theatre. Photo: Talia Pieri.

The material the company is looking to seek out are photographs, original balcony components such as columns, light fittings, balustrades, or any other physical materials.

Built construction company says they had previously had done work to the Theatre’s orchestra pit in 2019 and has had experience in heritage refurbishment.

The theatre’s revamp is set to spark interest in the venue and encourage more people to visit live shows with a new historic and original taste.

In the clip below, Veronica Zurzolo from the WA Performing Arts Network details how the restoration will cast the theatre in a positive light and showcase the history of Perth’s performing arts.

Tom Camp from Theatre WA says the inclusion of historical material provided by the public will potentially create a stronger bond between the community and the venue.

“By incorporating the historical materials from the public at large this will hopefully give the people of WA a sense of ownership of this grand theatre building and encourage more engagement with it, not just at events, but also with the building in general, ” he says.

The impressive facade of His Majesty’s Theatre. Credit: Talia Pieri.

The new upgrade will complement old improvements that were made from previous years including the refurbishment of the orchestra pit, box office auditorium and entranceway.

The creative and arts industries were heavily impacted by COVID-19 and theatre production was also a casualty.

“A revival of the theatre arts sector requires broader community engagement so projects like this, if operating under the right mind set, will likely help,” says Kieran Clancy from the WAAPA Performing Arts Union.

Clancy says once the project is complete, and more programs and offerings are available, there will be a return of interstate and international tourism.

“Once opened if his Maj offers the right kinds of programs and opportunities then I’m sure it will be positively impacted by the return of interstate and international tourism.”

The aim is to ensure the establishment remains an iconic venue for the arts and performers and attract new visitors to Perth’s live theatre scene.

If anyone has any information on material that may be of use for this project, it is best to contact Perth Theatre Trust.

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