Talking trash

The McGowan government has set an ambitious target to reuse or recycle at least 75 percent of waste generated in WA by 2030.

Last month the Morrison and McGowan governments announced $174 million dollars in funding to drive the recycling boom in Western Australia.

Commercial manager of Container Refunder Mark Woodhams says providing refunds for containers collected is a great incentive to help encourage people to recycle.

He says some people have started collecting containers from public areas such as parks and rivers.

Mr Woodhams says collecting containers is a good start, however other containers such as milk bottles should be eligible.

Environmentalists are concerned microplastics are being ingested by humans through seafood such as mussels, oysters and other crustaceans.

They say they can be harmful to both animals and humans.

Mr Woodhams says by recycling plastics properly we can avoid these potential risks.

General manager of Total Green Recycling in Welshpool, Evan Cocks, says recycling is important as rubbish can lead to contamination in waterways which is harmful to the environment.

E-waste from household can be sent to the Total Green Recycling facility for safe recycling. Photo: Mikayla Fanto.

The State Government has sent funding to Total Green Recycling to allow data destruction services to drop off e-waste for recycling.

Evan Cocks explains the importance of government funding. Video: Mikayla Fanto.

Mr Cocks says recycling e-waste is very important as it can impact the environment.

“In recent times there has been more awareness around waste and recyclables. More people are aware that you have to take better care when putting stuff in the bin, and they are certainly pushing that awareness onto their councils that are making changes.”

According to the State Government, more than 539kg of rubbish, recycling and green waste are being generated per person each year.

The State Government says Western Australian households generate around 20 percent more waste than the national average.

With this funding in place the State Government aims to improve WA’s recycling habits, and take better care of the environment.