Fundraising med students a cut above

Medical students from Notre Dame University have come together to take part in the World’s Greatest Shave which fundraises for the Leukaemia Foundation.

The event was held in Bateman’s Courtyard at the University of Notre Dame’s Fremantle campus and attracted around 70 people.

The students’ hair was cut and placed into bags which will be made into wigs or donated to those affected by blood cancer.

Event organiser Ashani Jeyadevan says the event started when her friend Indi Scanlon told her she was going to shave her head.

Event organiser Ashani Jeyadevan speaking about how the event came to be. Video: Zoe Ostler.

Ms Scanlon says she wanted to shave her head for some important people in her life who have been affected by blood cancer.

“I have a couple of people that are very close to me who are either in remission or suffering from blood cancer,” she says.

“The original plan was to raise $3000, shave my head solo, and then I got a massive amount of support from the Medical Students’ Association and Notre Dame’s Medical School.”

Infographic: Zoe Ostler.

Indi Scanlon, Natalie Ferrington, Teegan McQuinn, and Cassandra Mattes shaved their heads because they wanted to make a difference and support those with blood cancer.

Ms Mattes says she started studying medicine to help people and the World’s Greatest Shave is a “powerful” way to do so.

“It’s a way that you can be supportive, and you can practically help people,” she said.

Indi Scanlon, Cassandra Mattes, Natalie Ferrington and Teegan McQuinn getting their heads shaved. Photo: Zoe Ostler.

The event was endorsed by the Leukaemia Foundation’s community support specialist Lauren Stacy who says the foundation is “incredibly grateful” for its supporters.

“They are truly changing lives,” she said.

Lauren Stacy on the importance of the World’s Greatest Shave.

Ms Stacy is herself a blood cancer survivor which made this a personal cause and motivated her to give back to the community.

“When I was in remission I thought, ‘that’s the kind of job I want’,” she said.

Friends and family members as far as London stayed up to date on a livestream of the shave via Zoom.

A food truck operator at the event also donated 15 percent of its profits on the day to the cause.

The fundraiser exceeded the students’ $15,000 goal by receiving more than $17,000 of donations with support from the medical School, students and other generous members of the community.

The World’s Greatest Shave official dates are March 10 to March 14 this year, but you can donate, spread awareness, or shave your head any day of the year for a good cause.

You can donate and find more information at and