Child care

Say ‘yallo’ in Dalyellup

A new $1.5 million community centre in regional Dalyellup will provide child-oriented programs, family support and networking opportunities for the community.

Funded by the State Government through the Royalties for Regions Program, Yallo Community Centre will have a particular focus on supporting young families with children up to five years old, and it will be available to all residents of Dalyellup as a shared ‘safe-space’.

The small town of Dalyellup on the map.
Photo: Google Maps

Minister for Community Services Simone McGurk recognised the value of this community initiative, saying: “This community hub will provide a welcoming space for families and people who live, work and play in Dalyellup.”

Services are already being delivered ahead of the building’s completion by the Milligan Community Learning and Resource Centre and Investing In Our Youth.

The two Bunbury-based organisations are currently running these services in partnership at the existing Dalyellup Community Centre, the Dalyellup Public Library and some other locations, while the new Yallo building is being constructed.

Once the building is fully operational, family-focused services such as parenting advice, playgroups and support for young families will be provided through the Yallo community building.

Established groups, including church groups, primary and secondary school groups and the over-50s volunteer group will have access to the facilities at the new centre for their activities.

Alongside these family and community enhancing programs, for the first time WA Country Health has set up access to a child health nurse in Dalyellup five days a week.

The beach landscape of the South West of WA. Photo: Olivia Declerck.

Member for Bunbury Don Punch said the project has been in the works since the 2017 state election and will be an important investment for the Shire of Capel.

“I’m proud to see this commitment for a new family centre in Dalyellup…well on the way to being delivered for the local community.”

Investing In Our Youth chief executive Ian Anstee said all parties contributing to the initiative are helping build a happier and healthier community.

“Don Punch actively responded to this community need,” he said.

“Minister McGurk did a soft launch…to enable services to get started and to support Dalyellup’s achievements.”

The Yallo Centre will be different from traditional community centres with the aim of activating a deeper sense of community and belonging for the people of Dalyellup.

Mr Anstee said the physical building. after it is complete,will not have “the traditional corporate look, it will have a very modern open design, welcoming everyone.

“There will be ways for people to get involved, even if they are not part of a family, they can join our new family.”

A paper published by the Child Family Community Australia in 2016 said community engagement and valued social participation was critical in improving the health and wellbeing of families and children.

Mr Anstee said the Yallo Community Centre was a vital asset for a spread-out regional town like Dalyellup, where most relatives and friends of the families and young people residing there don’t live nearby.

“The more we can do for young people, support organisations already operating within that community and connect children and families to everything and anything that goes on, the better.”

The Yallo Community Centre is scheduled to be fully operational by January 2021.

The Yallo Community Centre ‘soft launch’ on October 23 with Ian Anstee, Renae Bennington (from Milligan Centre), Simone McGurk and Don Punch (left to right).
Photo: supplied by Simone McGurk.