Smart park a tip to nature

Canning Mayor Patrick Hall says a former stormwater basin full of rubbish has become a ‘smart park’.

The park has educational stations that visitors can scan using the Smart Canning App, which utilises augmented reality, to learn about the park’s environment.

The park measures weather, water quality and the amount of power used by its facilities, to provide information on its environmental conditions, and features a biological filtration system and Gabion cages utilising recycled materials to increase living areas for small lizards and frogs.

“The best thing about the park is its combination of nature and technology, so residents can closely interact with nature in an urban environment … to be able to enjoy nature ten kilometres from the Perth central business district is extraordinary,” Mr Hall says.

The Mayor of Canning talks about the smart park. Photo: City of Canning.

The City of Canning created a space in the park for people to relax on benches with USB ports.

Mr Hall says the City would like visitors to use the bins provided and respect the park.

Canning River Residents’ environment protection president Stephen Johnston says he thinks the City of Canning is smart to have turned a neglected basin into a park for the benefit of the community.

“It’s not only going to be good for recreation, but for people in the area to enjoy the birds and wildlife in the park,” he says.

A walk around the park. Elizabeth Tan.