A minute of another day

The Little Lord Street Band’s debut album will be released on September 19, 2020, and the band is heading off on a tour around WA.

We spoke to founding band-member Natasha Shanks, and she sends warm vibes and explains the band’s journey and how the tour with their debut album A Minute of Another Day has been so far.  

The band describes its music as dynamic, danceable, rocky, and sometimes just a little emotional.

Asked about the birth of the band, Shanks says: “We were doing a support show for The Whitlams at the Quarry Amphitheatre and they didn’t like the idea of Tash & Jim being the only name on they had on the green room door so we upped the anti, we added The Little Lord Street Band to it that’s how we formed, really.” 

Natasha Shanks. Photo supplied.

“The motivation behind the band was just Jimmy and I playing a bunch of songs together in our relationship and then from there, we added a drummer, a guitarist and a bass player. We’d go in the studio and put down the first EP, and since then there have been three EPs and now this album in the seven years of been playing as the band.” 

The band is ready to rock their album launch for A Minute of Another Day in a sold-out gig on September 19 at the Rosemount Hotel.  

Picture from The Little Lord Street Band Facebook Page.

In response to how has 2020 been for the band, she said: “I have new-found gratitude. I think it’s a nice reminder to not ever take things for granted … so yeah, a real learner!”

Shanks says she is looking forward to meeting new people on the tour, from all different places, looking forward to people’s responses to the album. How they feel about it and exploring regional WA. 

“We’re really stoked that we get to release and play this show,” she adds.

For more information on the band and the tour head to their Bandcamp page or TripleJ Unearthed.

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