Extravaganza of flora

For the whole of September Kings Park has more than 25,000 beautiful Western Australian flowers on display.

Kings Park Festival event coordinator Luke Clynick says it’s a local community festival that is also the world’s largest wildflower festival.

Asked which flowers are the most popular with visitors, he says it’s the papery pink and white everlastings.

He urges people to come and visit, and says that language is no barrier as there are guided tours available in many languages.

“Special guided walks are available for blind people, and music programmes and meditation sessions are also the part of this festival.”

Warning boards ask visitors not to step on or crush the flowers. Photo: Yiying Li.

During the festival, people will be able to visit a number of open gardens scattered throughout Kings Park.

Signs and maps help festival visitors find their way around. Photo Muneeza Khan.

Western Australian flora has some of the most abundant diversity on Earth. Kings Park and the Western Australian Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority are working on research aimed at protecting the state’s beautiful and fragile native flora.

Kings Park sits in one of the world’s biodiversity hot spots. The South West corner of Western Australia is home to a staggering 8000 plant species, including many rare and threatened plants. More than half of these can not be found anywhere else on the planet.

Kings Park is blooming. Photo: Muneeza Khan.

Celebrating Perth’s Green Heart is the theme of this year’s Kings Park Festival.

The festival is open every day in September and visitors can see thousands of Western Australian wildflowers in full bloom across the park and take part in dozens of free events, displays, guided walks and talks, family activities and much more.

More information, including maps and event calendars, is available here.

And details about the Flowers in Focus photography competition, open to amateur and professional photographers, are here. Entries must be in by September 17.

Also see the Visitor Information Centre and Gift Shop at Kings Park. Photo: Muneeza Khan.

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