Bone appétit

Klyde at the dog shelter. Photo: Marika Sequeira.

Curtin students at Vickery House have celebrated ‘international dog day’ by donating pet food to the Perth Homeless Support Group (PHSG).

Inspired by a Facebook post, Pets of Older Persons (POOPS) volunteer Liz Thomson has organised the donation drive.

“I decided to bring this event to Vickery House – as I work here – to encourage students to donate and help out the community,” she says.

POOPS is an organisation which connects seniors who are unable walk their dogs by assigning a volunteer to help.

POOPS volunteer Liz Thomson. Video: Marika Sequeira.

“The event has raised around $100 worth of pet items and we are expecting more donations from the students today and tomorrow,” she says.

PHSG relies on donations to provide food packages for both homeless people and their pets, as well as those at risk of homelessness.

PHSG depot manager Jed Fay says the food donated by community members feeds over 150 homeless animals in Perth.

“The homeless pets [donations] are handled by Ray Dunbar, who usually gives out 6-12 food packages every Sunday at outreaches across Perth,” she says.

Depot manager Jed Fay. Audio: Marika Sequeira.

Care packages for homeless pets, which contain a week’s worth of dry and wet
pet food, has been available through the PHSG since 2017.

The donation drive is open until August 28 in the Vickery House

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