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The University of Western Australia has been hosting the Save the Children book fair for more than 50 years.

Save the Children is an organisation which helps children who are unable to gain access to proper healthcare, education and food due to natural disasters or poverty.

The book fair will be held from August 14 to August 19 and aim to sell around 70,000 donated books from more than 50 genres ranging from contemporary, literature, sci-fi and fiction.

The money raised by the fair will be used to fund local projects in Western Australia such as the Kimberly project which focuses on providing less fortunate children and homeless people with an education.

They also run projects in Armadale, Gosnells and Pilbara.

The event will follow the COVID- 19 guidelines by social distancing and using sanitisers at the entrances, with limitations on the number of people inside.

With help from Uni Camp for Kids, they raised more than 150,00 dollars in 2019 and are hoping for similar results this year.

Inside the Save the Children Book Fair. Photo: Marika Sequeira.

Uni Camp for Kids vice president Adam Henry said this collaboration helped provide funding for club activities.

“It has been a really good way to raise money for our summer camp which we run for socially, emotionally and financially underprivileged kids,” he said.

Setting up for the event. Photo: Marika Sequeira.

University of Western Australia Branch Save the Children book sale coordinator Di Walker said she had been working with the charity for over 25 years.

Veteran volunteer Di Walker. Video: Marika Sequeira.

Mrs Walker started volunteering at the book fair in the late ’80s through her friends who liked to read and her husband who worked full time with Save the Children as the storeman and the packer.

She said the book sale is only made possible due to the volunteers who donate their time, and being a part of this charity has been both a rewarding experience for herself and for all those involved.

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