Porch placemaking week kicks off

The CoDesign Studio has found a new and safe way for communities to interact with the founding of porch placemaking week.  

Porch placemaking week takes place from May 30th to June 5th.

It is a global initiative to get people activating their front porches, balconies, yards and driveways to turn them into venues for creative expression. 

CoDesign Studio operations leader Harriet McKindlay says the concept is about engaging locals and people from across the world. 

“We came up with the concept and we reached out to placemakers across the globe and we now have over 140 projects and 25 partners on board,” she says. 

The West Australian Youth Jazz Orchestra (WAYJO) have partaken in porch placemaking week with two performances in the front yard of an apartment complex in Maylands. 

WAYJO office manager Jess Herbert says it’s been a really difficult time for the arts community and that porch placemaking week has provided a great opportunity for artists to perform. 

“I just thought it seemed like a really safe way to get musicians out and playing again and not only that but getting the community involved, participating and seeing a concert in a safe manner,” she says. 

“I think it brought a sense of kinship between neighbours, a sense of being able to come together and celebrating community and music.” 

Miss McKindlay says they’ve seen amazing activations such as balcony performances, fairy lights, front yard decorations and lots of chalk drawings.

“Porch placemaking offers a new way to connect,” she says. 

Get involved by sharing photos of your porch activation online, accompanied with the hashtag #porchplacemaking 

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