Recruitment of overseas students under a cloud

The COVID-19 pandemic will make it difficult for future international students wanting to pursue higher education in Australia.

With our borders closed until further notice, international students are unable to travel to Australia.

Director of Aussizz Group Bonnie Yau is watching the situation closely.

“The impact is quite significant as no more overseas students … are allowed to come due to the border [being] closed,” she says.

Ms Yau says the international student sector of the economy will suffer.

“It’ll affect the economy [because[ at least … 20% of education income comes from overseas students,” she says.

Diagram above shows statistics of movement of international student to Australia in March 2020. Image: Supplied.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the arrival of international students to March this year has declined by roughly 5,230 students compared to March 2019.

Diagram above shows statistics of temporary student visas in Australia in April 2020. Image: Supplied.

Temporary student visas have also decreased significantly between April 2019 and April 2020 according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Ms Yau believes business will be in [a better] position once borders reopen.

“It depends on when the borders reopen … I think Australia will be in the best position to pick up the market compared to USA and other countries where [they are] still affected by COVID-19,” she says.