Live streaming lifeline for musicians

Entertainers have found a way to bring the party to the people while social distancing restrictions continue to put a halt on live music gigs. 

Perth musicians and entertainment venues are live streaming music online so viewers can party from their living rooms. 

Australian Music Association’s chief executive officer Rob Walker says musicians are being more innovative then ever, and are using this time productively. 

“The sales of microphones and other recording equipment have gone right up,” he says.

“As musicians become better at using online assets I think we’ll see even more of it. “

Stream Line Entertainment director DJ Shannon O’Connor has been live streaming his DJ sets every week in attempt to ‘keep relevant’. 

“It’s been quite successful, every time we’ve gone live which I think is about eight or nine times now, I’ve had like a wedding enquiry every single time,” he says.

 “At most I think we get about 150 or 250 people that are tuned in live, which is pretty cool because it doesn’t mean that there are just 250 people.” 

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‘Stream Line Entertainment’ director DJ Shannon O’Connor. Photo: supplied

Ethan Carmody from the Electronic Music Appreciation Society of Curtin says live streaming has provided a medium for artists to survive. 

“It’s a way to stay connected with your fans and music community and I feel like it’s a good way to get your image and support out there,” says Mr Carnaby.

“I think with all the effort that companies and artists have gone through to set up their online presence in the way that they have, it will actually stay as popular, if not get more popular than it’s already been.” 

Mr O’Connor believes that while livestreaming is bringing people some happiness, and artists some revenue, it’s still no substitute for live music shows. 

“The amount of money you can potentially make doesn’t seem to be something you can sustain yourself with compared to playing for functions or venues,” he says. 

“I think that people are busting to get out and go to clubs and festivals and not only see live music but to catch up with their friends in that kind of environment.”

 Mr Carnaby says that everyone needs to support their local music artists when the pandemic ends. 

“The online platform is successful and achievable, it’s not perfect,” he says. 

“People will still go out for the artist, for the experience, for that atmosphere.” 

DJ Shann Live Stream. Video: supplied.