COVID-19 calls for new Curtin courses

Curtin University says it has launched nine shorter, online, discounted courses to improve people’s quality of life during COVID-19.

The six-month courses will be offered in the areas of education, health, science, architecture and construction to enhance skill sets or provide an insight to a future study path.

Student seeking opportunities on Open Universities Australia website.
Image: Jacinta Pizzata.

Curtin’s Acting Head of Science and Engineering Professor Iain Murray believes that implementing these courses is essential to support students.

“We should be doing more of them,” he says.

“I think it is a responsibility we have as a university to support people who are going through a bit of a rough patch.

“This is what we should be spending a lot of our time on and those that do it will benefit a lot.”

Information about the career paths these courses can lead to.
Created by: Jacinta Pizzata.

The courses follow the objective of the Federal Government’s Higher Education Relief Package to support workers and encourage universities to continue providing education during COVID-19.

According to Curtin’s Head of School of Education Professor Rhonda Oliver the Federal Government’s funding towards these courses is completely necessary .

“I think that any money spent on education is a worthwhile investment,” Professor Oliver says.

“It’s strategically important.”

With prices starting at $1250, Curtin Vice-Chancellor Professor Deborah Terry believes these courses are a positive educational opportunity.

“Curtin already has an outstanding reputation as a leader in providing quality online courses through Open Universities Australia, and there has never been a better time to begin learning something new,” she says.

Professor Oliver says people should not be concerned about the online aspect of the courses.

“In the past people have said you can’t become a teacher by studying online and we knew that wasn’t the case,” she says.

“We have had many, many students graduate and go on to become incredibly successful teachers from studying online.

“We know that it is possible and this COVID situation has highlighted the opportunities that online provides for all students.”

Professor Murray agrees with this perspective, having experience in teaching online classes himself.

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