The return of Cold Nips

Popular Perth social swimming group ‘Cold Nips’ was back in action this morning, after a brief freeze of their weekly sunrise dips.

On Monday the state government cautiously eased restrictions on public gatherings, now allowing up to 10 people to meet.

WA Premier Mark McGowan says the relaxing of these restrictions is designed to have a “high social impact”.

“Limitations on seeing family and friends over the past month have been difficult for many and particularly isolating for some,” he says.  

“Western Australians have done such a great job so far, although these changes are small, I hope it will be of benefit to many Western Australians – they deserve it.”

The community swimming group started last October, when two mates sent out an open invitation on instagram to anyone looking to get out of their comfort zone and into the deep blue.

Cold Nips founder Ryan Marc Linton says from the first swim the group grew to over 500 attendees, before COVID-19 caused the community catch-ups to cease.

Video: Supplied.

“You just feel so good afterwards and there‚Äôs research-backed benefits to why we feel so good through all those systems – like connection, community, cold water therapy and human touch,” he says.

“People would feel good and they would tell their friends about it and they would repost it and share things on social media.”

Until restrictions are completely lifted and Ryan can enjoy the rush of swimming with the masses once again, he says he is grateful to be back among a couple of mates.

“Being just ten people is intimate and it brings it back to the basics of what it is – going for a swim and just hanging out with some friends and getting coffee afterwards.

The group says they will continue to adhere to social distancing and public gathering regulations until the state government permits otherwise.