Comedy Lounge: the quarantine laugh supplier

Perth’s Comedy Lounge has found a way to make those who are self-isolating smile, bringing comedy into the safety of your own home with their online ‘Lounge Laughs’ episodes.

Comedy Lounge’s ‘Lounge Laughs’ provides some much-needed light in the dark times we are facing, with daily reports of more and more businesses closing down every day, either temporarily or permanently as a result of COVID-19 restrictions.

The episodes, which can be bought online for $1 per person, were professionally recorded in front of a live audience and feature four sets of comedians per episode, with the money raised going to the struggling comics and bar staff affected by loss of income as a result of COVID-19.

The Comedy Lounge, situated at 413 Murray Street in Perth, is unusually quiet these days, another casualty of COVID-19, although owner and operator John McAllister is pleased with the reception of the first few episodes.

“The feedback has been really positive, I think people just appreciate it because we’re all in this together.”

John McAllister, owner and operator of Comedy Lounge

Comedians are faced with many challenges due to COVID-19, specifically those who rely primarily on performing and touring that has suddenly been halted as venues close and events are cancelled.

Comedian Andrew Wolfe, who is featured in ‘Lounge Laughs’ and winner of Comedy Lounge’s “Comedian of 2019” award, says though nothing will ever match a live crowd, the current situation is forcing many comics to adapt.

“(It’s) definitely forcing comedians to rethink how they engage with their audience. Suddenly everyone has a podcast or a funny new character online.”

“There was previously a lot of stigma around being a “YouTube Comedian” but lots have been humbled and realised it’s actually really bloody hard.” 

Andrew Wolfe – Comedian of 2019

Jon Pinder, also featured on Lounge Laughs, says it’s a great way for comics to stay connected to their audience who are, for the most part, also bored (and) stuck at home.

“Stand-up itself, in my opinion, is missing everything magical about it when it’s not live, but as far as just putting up sketches, livestreams and podcasts, now’s as good a time as any.”

Jon Pinder appearing on 96fm

If you’re interested in supporting the comedians and venue staff, you can buy tickets here to watch the first two episodes.