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Embedded 2020: Over/Under by WA artist Molly Werner. Photo by Ben Loughran.

The lack of female representation in the world of art is challenged by the national art show Embedded, now in Perth.

The all-female line-up is composed of pieces centred on personal journeys and provocative statements to bring to the fore the gender disparity involved in national art galleries.

Embedded 2020 has been brought to Perth by curator Sandra Murray who said she wanted to see the show in WA after witnessing it in Melbourne last year.

She said this show was intended to add on to the Melbourne show with new artists and inspiration while retaining the original message.

“I was determined for an all-female show as the lack of female artists in galleries is well known,” said Ms Murray.

The art show is focused on quilt design as a way of artistic expression to encompass the struggle female artists go through for recognition.

Ms Murray said the public reception to the show has been good.

“The reaction so far has been very positive … particularly among uni students.”

The powerful and compelling pieces have been sourced from artists based in New South Wales, Victoria and here in Western Australia.

The art show was timed to coincide with International Women’s Day and is aimed to empower female artists of all backgrounds.

WA artist Claire Bushby, who has been featured in the gallery, said the show is important not only from a personal standpoint but for women everywhere.

“It’s just a reminder that [International Women’s Day] should be something we are thinking about every day of the year,” she said.

Ms Bushby’s art work entitled Bushpig is derived from a insult she was called growing up.

“It came to me because I was thinking of what in my experience could be something that other women might relate to.

It’s a personal story but it is also something that I think a lot of other women would relate to,” she said.

On the opening night after giving a speech she was shocked at how many women came forward and spoke of a similar upbringing.

“It made me think gosh this is so much bigger than me,” she said.

A strong statement by artist Emma Ruby Armstrong-Porter

The Flux gallery where the event is being hosted held special workshops on International Women’s day coordinated by two of the featured artists.

Angry Underwear by Tania Ferrier and Pamela Kleemann-Passi as well as a t-shirt workshop by Nikita Dunovitz-Ferrier.

The Flux gallery in Perth is hosting the event from February 29 to March 28, 2020.

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