Viva la Verga

Curtin journalism student Tiffany Verga has already seen more of the world than most of her peers and she did it all while studying.

Tiffany Verga has a passion for new places and new people. Photo: Arun Raj.

Tiffany, who’s 21 and from Atwell, has spent time broadening her skills in Canada, China and England during her Curtin journalism course and is now studying in South Korea before taking up internship opportunities in Hong Kong.

Tiff says her experiences have delivered a host of benefits: she’s more confident, more resourceful and is part of a growing international network of young journalists sharing ideas.

This is her story.

Video:Arun Raj.

If you’re interested in following Tiff’s example and including time abroad in your study program, please contact Curtin’s Study Abroad and Exchange team.