Beautiful ‘Bella’ stolen from her beachside seat

A popular Fremantle sculpture known as ‘Bella’ was stolen on Tuesday from a bench along Bathers Beach.

The luxuriating bronze figure has been a much loved piece of public art since her installation in 2011.

Locals walking along the beach this morning were greeted with an empty bench and only the stains where the sculpture was once attached.

Residents speculate on the statue’s whereabouts and the motivation of the thieves.

Greg James Sculpture Studio Gallery manager David Moran said he was unsure why anyone would want to steal such an iconic piece of public art.

David Moran discusses the theft of Bella.

WA Police said the sculpture was stolen between Tuesday at 4pm and Wednesday at 9am.

The sculpture was on land managed by the Department Of Transport so the theft wasn’t caught on the Fremantle Council’s CCTV cameras.

Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt said the sculpture was favoured by locals and tourists alike, and that he hopes for her safe return.

“I sincerely hope the people who stole Bella come to their senses and return her in one piece.

“We will make the CCTV we do have available to the police to assist with their investigations.”

Anyone with information should contact CrimeStoppers.

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