Major crash leads to main road closure

By: Ira Lene Sanchez, Caitlin McKeown and Maxwell Goldie

Police have closed Thomas Road in Byford until noon as they investigate the cause of major car crash.

Photo: Main Roads, WA.

Motorists travelling on Tonkin Highway to Byford will face delays in traffic of up to 10 minutes this morning due to police road closures.

The closures will affect Thomas Road between Tonkin Highway and Kargotich Road.

Main Roads WA suggests drivers detour onto Nicholson Road, then connect to Rowley Road, to Tonkin Highway and back into Thomas Road.

Photo: Main Roads, WA.

A WA Police spokesman said this closure was to make room for a 3D scene scan of an old major crash site to assist police in further investigations. 

“Our major crash guys want to go out and do a further scene assessment and as part of that they’re going to set up a camera in the middle road, they’re going to shut the road temporarily,” the spokesman said.

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