Axe-citing sport venue opens in WA

Doors to the first axe-throwing venue in Western Australia opened today.

Lumber Punks Axe-Throwing opened its third Australian outlet in Perth, following phenomenal responses to the sport in Gold Coast and Brisbane.

Lumber Punks Axe-Throwing owners have been friends for more than a decade now. Video: Elin Anuar.

Business partners Tyson McMillan and Sam Hay started their dream in a backyard.

“Four years ago, Sam and I had ambitions to have our own business after working in the hospitality industry for years,” said Mr McMillan.

“Every week we would meet up at my house for a business meeting over beers in the backyard, throwing these little tactical tomahawks because it’s just a thing I do.

“We knew it has been successful in other countries so I thought ‘Why don’t we do this?'”

Mr Hay said their objective was to establish a sport of axe throwing in Australia and get people to understand what it was about and get involved in it.

The Perth venue is the largest of the three Australian outlets. Video: Elin Anuar.

“We also want to generate a community that bonds over an exciting activity,” he said.

Mr McMillan said the main reason they penetrated Perth was because of the city’s isolation, being so far away from major east coast capitals.

“Perth was such a good idea for us because people here would want variety and something new and exciting over time,” said Mr McMillan.

“Perth is all about community, and that is the whole mission statement of our business.”

Mr Hay said the impetus was to get more people from all walks of life into axe-throwing.

“The main preconception of axe-throwing is that it’s all about aggression and anger release, which is completely opposite of what it’s about.

“A majority of our customers came here in the first place to release their tension, but they end up becoming regulars because they actually enjoyed the sport,” he said.

“We actually got all these people from different backgrounds and different professions from lawyers to doctors to school teachers to even couples on their first dates.”

Mr McMillan said the sport appealed to men and women equally.

“It was a pleasant surprise to see the diverse mix of people coming together and as a business owner, that’s really rewarding,” he said.

Lumber Punks Axe-Throwing venue manager Bec Weller said being a woman was not a barrier to throwing a heavy axe.

“Anyone can acquire the skill of throwing,” Mrs Weller said.

Bec Weller has been throwing axes for two months now. Photo: Elin Anuar.

Lumber Punks Axe-Throwing customer Dean said he came with his son for sport and enjoyment.

“Axe-throwing is a sport that needs to be done because it offers something different,” he said.

“It’s fun and that’s what it’s all about.”