Northbridge businesses brew for beer festival

Northbridge restaurants and pubs look forward to welcoming more customers this weekend thanks to the Perth Craft Beer Festival.

The Perth Craft Beer Festival opens doors tomorrow. Photo: Elin Anuar.

The annual event will return bigger than before with more outdoor entertainment for everyone on top of the 55 breweries and cideries running from August 16-18.

Enjoyment for all ages as kids can be entertained with the swing ride. Photo: Elin Anuar

Perth Craft Beer Festival operations manager Jemma Buckley said the festival aimed to cater for 18,000 patrons of all ages for the whole weekend.

Ms Buckley said this event would benefit businesses in Northbridge.

“It’s great because people can go in and out for a meal in Northbridge or go party somewhere else after as well.”

The Brass Monkey supervisor Emma Clelland said Northbridge needed engaging events to take place more often due to its hidden geographic location.

“Having different things going on in Northbridge makes it more interesting and it can pull people from different areas who actually want to come here and see how much has changed,” Ms Clelland said.

“It’s nice to just have a different variety of customers, especially the people who travel for this festival.

“We hit good numbers [of customers] when there are festivals going on.”

Chinese BBQ restaurant owner Ray Chan said his restaurant got unusually busy when the festival took place last year.

“The festival helped me gain new customers,” Mr Chan said.

The Night Market manager Niall Tolan said the Perth Craft Beer Festival attracted more customers to his bar last year.

“We got quite a bit of traffic that stopped for a beer beforehand or afterwards because we’re quite a late-night venue,” he said.

As well as preparing adequate staff for the festival, Mr Tolan said he would keep his staff educated on events happening.

“It is good to keep them informed so they can tell our customers as well,” Mr Tolan said.

“Events like the beer festival are definitely beneficial in the sense that they bring people to the area during times people are not around.”

Tickets are selling fast, and the night sessions are almost sold out.

For more information on the event, go here or visit their Facebook page at Perth Craft Beer Festival.

A tour of the site with Jemma Buckley before the chaos commences. Video: Elin Anuar.