Organ donation kiosk opens at Curtin University

A not-for-profit organisation has opened an interactive kiosk today at Curtin University to bridge the gap between supporting the concept of organ donation and actually becoming a registered organ donor.

Donor Mate works to raise awareness and positive attitudes towards organ donation.

The goal of the interactive kiosk, which features a touch screen tablet, is to enable users to instantly register as organ and tissue donors.

The kiosk is a free service that can be found at Curtin’s Health Services building (109), and is open to the public.

The kiosk can be found in the Curtin Counseling and Health Services building. Photo: Western Independent image library.

Participants will be also receive a URL address that will allow them to see the effectiveness of the campaign by showing statistics about the number of people who sign up.

Click here to find out more information about Donor Mate.

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