It’s time: west to the test

The start of pre-polling has seen West Australian’s hit the voting booths as experts suggest the state will play an important role in the federal elections.

Voting center in Bentley. Image: Jonathan Fernandes

The Labor party currently hold the seat of Brand whereas the seats of Swan, Curtin and Hasluck are all held by the Liberal party.

Labor is targeting Pearce, as Attorney-General Christian Porter has seen his safe seat become a marginal one.

A safe seat means the holder has more than 60 per cent of votes, whereas a marginal one sees the winner receive less than 56 per cent.

The by-elections conducted in 2016 saw the Labor party take control of the seat of Perth with 73 per cent of votes and Fremantle with 63 per cent.

To take the seats the Liberals would need a swing of 13 and 23 per cent, respectively.

To some voters at the Belmont pre-polling centre, the prospect of full time jobs and better wages was a big influence.

Campaigners outside the Belmont voting centre. Image: Jonathan Fernandes

Experts suggest a Liberal domination in WA could be the difference between a win and a loss for the party nationally.

The Australian Electoral Commission estimated that almost 70,000 eligible WA voters will not cast their ballot in the upcoming elections, with 15 per cent of young people between the ages of 18-24 failing to enrol.

Pre-polling figures have been rising over the years as regulations for voting early have been loosely managed.  

The AEC said final results could be delayed, with millions of Australians choosing the option to pre-poll.

The official polling will be conducted on Saturday 18 May and the AEC is likely to announce the results later that night.

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