Huge ice and cannabis seizure

Two major drug busts have netted WA police 59kg of methylamphetamine and over 380 cannabis plants in two separate operations across the Metropolitan Region within the last fortnight. 

Operation Trident Coyote resulted in the seizure of 590 000 hits worth of methylamphetamine, as well as 2 amounts of cash totalling more than $135 000, all in separate instances. 

Five men were arrested and charged in relation to the crimes, and are due to reappear in court next week. 

WA police alleged an organised criminal syndicate is behind the $59 million worth of methylamphetamine being brought into WA from the eastern states. 

WA Police Commissioner Chris Dawson said he’s thankful the Organised Crime Squad was concentrating on getting methylamphetamine off the street.

“These drugs have a serious impact upon our community…including crime in our neighbourhoods, health and mental health systems, and upon the families of those addicted to these harmful drugs.”

Minister Michelle Roberts said the government have invested an additional $125 million in police efforts to fight the methylamphetamine surge. 

“I’ve been getting great feedback from our police officers who are so pleased to be able to have the resources to go out and tackle the people that are peddling methylamphetamine into the WA community.” 

Under changes made by the McGowan Government, meth traffickers now face life imprisonment. 

In a separate investigation, 30 pallets of hydroponic equipment, large quantities of cannabis have been seized as a result of Taskforce Silverdrift. 

One hundred and sixty plants were seized in Thornlie and 223 in Belmont with a total of $11 million in seized assets.

Eight people have been arrested and charged with serious drug and various criminal offences. 

Thirty thousand cannabis plants, 708kg of cannabis head and $1.7 million have been seized as a result of Taskforce Silverdrift since it was established in 2017. 

Taskforce Silverdrift targets the commercial trafficking of cannabis and investigates cannabis grow houses in WA.