New name for Forrestfield

The Shire of Kalamunda has released a survey to name the new Forrestfield North district, with construction underway to create the new area set to open in 2021.

The precinct includes a new shopping area, the new Forrestfield residential precinct, a direct link to Perth Airport and the new Forrestfield train station.

The names were put forward by ratepayers as part of the City’s Name the Suburb Competition, however all suggestions had to meet Landgate’s Policies and Standards.

Options for the name of the new precinct have Noongar roots, honouring the first people of Australia and traditional custodians of the area.

These options are:

Katadjen, with kata meaning hill and dien meaning foot. The idea for this name came from the location of the new precinct being at the base of the escarpment.

Koorliny, meaning movement or coming and going home, as the area includes a new link to the airport and a train station.

Munday, the name of a Noongar leader who led the Beeloo people in 1929.

Quenda Grove, the Noongar word for bandicoot, which is a native fauna that inhabits the area.

Smokebush, a rare flora found throughout the area which will be retained and protected.

Lecturer at the Centre for Aboriginal Studies at Curtin University, Kim Farmer, who is a Noongar woman, says that naming streets and places in Western Australia after Noongar names is a positive initiative.

She says that councils should follow the correct protocols in creating the names for streets and places in WA, including always consulting traditional custodians.

The new name will fit in with the Shire of Kalamunda, as the name Kalamunda is a Noongar term, with kala meaning home and munda meaning forest

Construction has started for the new Forrestfield precinct. Photo: Nina Ricci.

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