Baby feet and a Latin beat

Canadian company Salsa Babies is helping the emotional and mental wellbeing of Perth mothers and their babies through Latin-inspired dancing.

Mother of two and licensed owner and instructor for Salsa Babies, Liz De Prose, says postnatal depression and anxiety is high and common, but often not addressed.

She says Salsa Babies allows mothers and their babies to get out of the house, socialise, get back into exercise, and discuss things they may not usually address.

“Salsa Babies benefits the mother’s mental and emotional wellbeing, the physical side is just a bonus… Emotional and mental well-being for the mother is my main priority,” says Mrs De Prose.

Salsa Ladies and their babies. Video: Abbey Ros

According to Health Direct, one in seven mothers in Australia will experience postnatal depression yearly.

Mrs De Prose says she has had mothers turn up to her class crying because their babies aren’t breastfeeding properly, or they’ve just had an argument with their husbands over the phone.

“Within the first five minutes of the class their body is relaxed, there are smiling faces, and often the babies have fallen asleep,” she says.

Mother Rebecca Bonser is attending the class for the second time and says she thoroughly enjoys it, with her and bub leaving class happy, smiling, and calm.

“I will be coming back for as long as I can carry her,” she says.

Salsa Babies has franchises all over Canada and North America and is an intimate class of fewer than 15 people.

The six-week program costs $90 and runs alongside a postnatal fitness instructor.

The classes are gentle, low impact and totally baby friendly.

Mrs De Prose says mothers can stop and feed their baby, take them for a walk if they are unsettled, and the class is totally a baby friendly environment.

“It’s not like we are strict in anyway,” Mrs De Prose says.

Salsa Babies class in action. Video: Abbey Ross

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